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Did Your Relationship Survive After NYSC?

During our University days, we’ve acquired the Love of our Life at one point. He/She must be someone you planned to settle with after school. Oh, the Joy, the Romance and the Memories. That level of relationship is always something serious.

But then NYSC Happened.

The Camping is the crux of the whole matter.

21 days of meeting new people, having fun, a different environment and schedule.

There is this air of freedom and sense of adventure.

You begin to form alliances, acquaintances, and friendships to survive.

These networks will help you survive the 21 “horrible” days.

Disaster will always be lurking around the corner. You just like this guy/girl so much, and you can’t get them out of your mind because you get to see them every day for the next 21 days. You see them at the parade grounds, hostels, kitchen, seminar halls and variety classes. The attraction becomes something of a greater magnitude

You finally decide to take action and you know, this cliché

“Whatever happens in Moscow, stays in Moscow”.

there’s always something about connecting in such circumstances.

The Intimidation in our service camps is so high. Takes a lot of strength and willpower to resist such temptations. You will want to fight the urge to try someone new.

The Vegas of your dreams.

My Camp was interesting, Corpers went as far as organizing a party tagged “Night of Fornication”. They printed flyers and shared around. {The camp director heard about it and gave us a hot moralizing sermon on the campgrounds the following morning. Youthful Exuberance!! She chided, even though a majority of us didn’t know what went down the previous night.

Well, consider the fact that most people who attended the event were in a relationship or semi-relationship. And “things” must have happened that day. That was just an instance.

I heard stories of married corpers having extramarital affairs in camps. This might even go on to continue all through the service year.

My Advice to Corpers and partners are as follows

  1. Get prepared before they are being posted out to their service states. Discuss it
  2. Keep a constant communication. Give Him/her all the attention they deserve
  3. Make sure you part in high spirits. don’t allow a fight before they leave.
  4. Try to visit if you can

Well, Humans are unpredictable beings. Let’s hope we can trust our partners to stay faithful and true during their NYSC days. For any healthy relationship, there must be trust, loyalty, and commitment.” Being in a foreign place and away from your love can definitely be tough but you can pull through. Besides, it has its own advantages, like

  1. The Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  2. Bringing romance to your relationship
  3. Falling in love with yourself and discovering new things about yourself

My sympathies go out to the insecure ones {Shrugs}. I personally don’t think they’ll survive the absence of their partners. They will go on to have a high degree of paranoia.

Please, tell us … Did your relationship survive past the gruesome NYSC test?






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One thought on “Did Your Relationship Survive After NYSC?

  • Sadly, no. It was a tough time for me, the fault wasn’t from me; I went back to see bae after four months and what I met was not a good sight to behold. Though we had our little fights but they were nothing compared to what we’ve had.
    Afterwards, I decided to ‘enjoy’ my life to the fullest. My eye clear.


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