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Our Educational System Is Killing Graduates

My beloved Nigeria.

Who is the minister of Education by the way?

*Looks up Google*




What were his past achievements in the educational sector?

Zero to None

Why was he appointed?

It’s stated clearly, he’s a political ally to the president.

So was he rewarded with the portfolio? YES.. Talk about spoils of war.

Back to the matter.

Graduates are being served out in millions every year across various institutions all over the country.

For number’s sake, let’s go a bit further

1,835,700 graduates from 235 tertiary institutions every year.

Now that’s mind-boggling.

But we don’t find strength in numbers here.

We are talking about quality. A lot of graduates don’t have the necessary skills to be employed.

We have people screaming that there aren’t good jobs in Nigeria, but there are lots of them.

Nigerian graduates aren’t equipped with the necessary skills to land these jobs.

Let us rewind to when we were schooling.

I’m going to use myself as a case study. I studied statistics in a top federal university in the country. 4 good years of my life. I think it was partially wasted in the technical area. The syllabus was crazy. We crammed, programmed, calculated every damn thing. Here comes the thrilling part.

We didn’t conduct a field study for once.

We never got the chance to apply what we were taught.

The only programming course we did was obsolete (I remember the lecturer dictating codes with his mouth). This resulted in errors most times we needed to execute. we had a computer lab which was made for ghosts. The rot in our educational systems is deep.

Some lecturers use notes and handouts they created since 1993.

Research is dead

Consider final year projects.

Students are forced to come up with topics that’ll please their supervisors. After wasting effort and resources your projects get dumped in the trash years later.

Check out other foreign institutions, their students’ projects are groundbreaking achievements.

Do the maths,

2 million graduates yearly = 2 million useless projects

It was high time we’d reviewed our syllabus. We are being taught irrelevant things. The problem is “Conformity”. We are forcing fishes to climb trees.

America we envy has people criticizing their system of education. (Watch this video).


If America’s educational institutions can be criticized, how about ours. We waste so much time schooling but get little education.

That counts for the reason why we have so many unemployed graduates. the first class that can’t even handle any practical applications.

But here is the crazy part. We have so many third class and pass (average) students who travel abroad for their second degree and eventually get to succeed in their chosen field of study.

Haven’t we taken our time to analyze the Problem?

This is a deep mess we’ve gotten ourselves in. We need to declare a state of emergency in our educational sector.

We need help. But probably I might be paranoid. Nigerians might have other pressing issues.

Education is the bedrock of every civilization, industrialization, and revolution. We want to deal with unemployment, tribalism, terrorism, and poverty… Then let’s tackle education.

A country is not destroyed by missiles or WMDs It can be easily destroyed by lowering the standard of education.

We end up producing Half Baked graduates

People die at the hands of unqualified doctors

Justice will die at the courts

Engineers will fail with the machines

Learning will be murdered by teachers.


Let us Fix the rot in our Educational system, then can True change begin and Spread.

– From a Concerned Graduate and Citizen.


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