Second class graduate

Experiences: The Untold Story of the 2.2 Graduate

My Name is Ifeoluwa {real name withheld}

I am a 2.2 graduate of the University of Calabar. I graduated in the year 2013 and served in 2015

When my uncle heard that I came out with a 2.2, he didn’t even bother saying anything. I felt he gave up on me.

Here was how I got the Average 2.2

In my first year, I was a hot prospect. My mom and dad had High hopes for me. They wanted me to be a Banker. Of course, everybody that works in a bank makes money right?? Hell yeah.

I put in for Economics in a prestigious university but I was “given” mathematics instead. I was livid with rage. I’d fulfilled all the necessary requirement and conditions to be accepted into the Economics department but The powers and principalities in the high places denied me my dream.

My parents encouraged me to manage it – “Afterall, they are calculative courses. you’ll use this education in the bank”. I had no choice but to “Manage” because I didn’t want to write Jamb for the 2nd Time.

100 level was fun. The courses were basic and I could figure out probability, work my way around simple logic, differentiation, Venn diagrams, and Sets.

At the end of 100 level, I finished with a 3.7 out of 5.0.


200 LEVEL, The veil was removed, we started taking weird courses from relative departments with “wonderful” sets of lecturers. 200 level was really tough and my GP dropped.

300 level, I saw hell on earth. It got so bad that I started pricing Jamb Forms all over again. I managed to retain my honor. But the lecturers weren’t on our side. I had been warned earlier by my seniors in the department that 300 level was time for Moderation. I didn’t believe them of course.

Exam time, Lecturers were bringing strange questions, weird exam instructions, and so many traumatizing occurences. I failed woefully that first semester and for the first time in my life, I had two carry-overs. My GP had gone to search for crude oil beneath the ground.

I knew I had to try harder unless I was gonna fail again I started fasting, praying and reading more than ever.

In 400level, my final year I was determined to finish with a 2.2. I had to finish my project early enough and my seminar was great.

At the end of my school year, my parents were anxiously expecting the certificate of their Banker Son. Well, I had to explain that it hadn’t been my fault. But I’ll never forget the look of disappointment on their faces. They had no choice but to accept the prodigal son.

Now, the prodigal son is running 2 Businesses, furthering his education and providing for his siblings and Parents. What a Twist.

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