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“The Future Is Dim For Graduates” – POEM

Hundred graduates for a position
Each with the hope of progression

Some fast and pray
Every night and day
Hoping it will come their way
The next day, they got a mail

Thank you
Your application was unsuccessful

Some cried and dried their eyes
Some vowed to keep the fight

Here’s someone

He bought his son a certificate
Paid for him to graduate

Paid to get a job
He boasts of having strong network

He claimed he suffered and won’t let him suffer

Others without support
Try to build rapport
But the rich don’t move with the poor

Their parent’s wealth never made them sweat

Every thing was at the tip of their fingers
Doubt if they ever experience hunger

For us that are poor,
Whose fault?
Is it our parents who didn’t buy the future for us?
Or government who are corrupt?

Saw graduates on the street today

Working for a bank
I won’t mention the bank

Seeing them
You can easily know all is not well

They deserve better
4-6 years in school is not a small matter

E dey pain me
Like seriously
Omo, life no easy

Seeing people not living their dreams,
Hurts me

A frustrated graduate told me,
He prefers a job that owe six months salary
But I couldn’t blame him,
He’s been out of school since 2013
The future is dim

Chinedu Ihekwoaba ©2018

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