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Is the Job interview process becoming useless in Nigeria?

 This is a question that needs deliberation. I will shortly drop my point of view, and then you can drop yours in the comment section.

A friend of mine recently had a bad one at a job interview, and it seems that the trend is being passed from one organization to another. Excited about the position, she arrived the venue 20 minutes earlier than the fixed time. It is no longer news that Human Resource Managers prefer to keep you waiting hours after the supposed interview time. I wonder if PATIENCE is part of the Job description.

After keeping the candidates waiting for over an hour, the Human resource girl walks in and ushers them to a room where they can sit in a more structured manner. Then she hands them over two papers that would serve as their question and answer sheets.

They were served Verbal, Quantitative and GMAT and English questions for a Sales Position.

The question is, “Does being a good mathematician makes you a good salesperson?”

Well, your guess is as good as mine. The company ended up recruiting a good mathematician instead of a Talented Sales Person. Not because she is my friend, but she had broken all sales records in her present firm and was looking forward to working with their competitor.

Several times we have seen in Nigeria, where people are judged outside of their talents and strengths. Interviewers in a bid to follow a certain failed process have ended up screening out people that would have turned around the fortune of their company.

“Imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo of present Real Madrid was asked to write a football exam before joining Manchester United as a youngster”

It was clear that he had an exam (Trials), but it was an exam that involved “What he could do, not what he could think”

We have seen several shortcomings of the Nigerian failed interview process, but I will list out some of them. We have seen instances where;

  • Someone non-vocal is termed incompetent, while the talkative is considered Job worthy.
  • Someone with a certain school certification is considered a professional, and the other is seen as a learner.
  • Someone with a high GP is seen as brilliant – even if he has no talent, while someone with a lesser GP is considered a Dunce.
  • Someone who is well dressed is chosen even before the interview, while the guy who is hungry and can’t afford such expensive suit is seen as incapable.
  • Where everyone is judged by a singular task to be accomplished

I can go on and on, but it is obvious that the interview process in Nigeria is fast losing its aim, and the selection process has been flawed.

It has made candidates to put on an attire of personality that is not theirs, all in a bid to just land the job.

If you have ever been rejected just because you couldn’t answer a GMAT question for a Customer Service role, just hang on, because something good is on its way.

Several times I have walked out on several so-called Human Resource managers, just because they wanted to test me on something that wasn’t my strengths. I didn’t do it because I have pride, but because it was my only defence – before someone tags me incapable.

I once told a Human Resource Manager during a job interview, “If animals were all judged by their ability to swim, the Lion would never be the king of the jungle” and I walked out.

Hang on you there, because something good is coming.

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