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Meet Oladeji Abosede, a graduate of Business Administration and the CEO of Ayanfe-Ola Business World, who is a businesswoman and has trained over 2,000 people in various handworks.

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Could you please introduce yourself?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – My name is Oladeji Abosede Felicia and I’m the third of 5 children. I had my primary school education in Ogun state and then had my secondary school education in Lagos state. I graduated from Osun state University where I studied Business Administration; I’m the CEO of Ayanfe-Ola Business World.

How was growing up like? You had your primary school in Ogun state and Secondary School in Lagos state… Was there any form of migration at any point?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Hmmmmm…! Growing up wasn’t a bed of roses. I was with my parents during my primary school education but I had to stay with my aunt for my secondary school studies.

You studied Business Administration, what necessitated your choice of course in the University?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Well, I grew up knowing my mother as a businesswoman and I also discovered that I have a special interest in business. Having known the mind of God concerning where I was going in life, I decided to put in for Business Administration and God made it possible. About knowing the mind of God for me, I believed in God and I followed His guidance because I didn’t want to make any mistake in my life, so I prayed and I believed.

At what age did you decide that your career path was business?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Since I was very young, and I believe I also took the interest from my mother.

So your mother has a major influence on your career path?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Yes o…my gold. I love her!

Do you plan to have a salary paying job and still combine that with your business, or its only business?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – No, I don’t even plan that. I have decided since my childhood that I will never work under anyone. Instead, I will employ people, no one will employ me

So take us through your business journey

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – As a businesswoman, I’m into different things, but my main vision is to have a training school on handworks. I started by learning different skills and till now I’m still learning because I believe learning has no end. Right now, I’m a professional in all my handworks and I also train people; I train both offline and online. My handworks include; Makeover, Event decoration, Event planning, Bead making, Bag making, Bridal hand fan, Nails fixing, Cake making, Skincare, Shoemaking, Wig making and many more. My business name is AYANFE-OLA BUSINESS WORLD and I started operations in 2013. With plans to have a business school, the company would have a subsidiary and that would be AYANFE-OLA BUSINESS WORLD TRAINING SCHOOL

You are involved in over 9 different hand works/businesses, how have you been able to combine them all?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – These are things I love to do, being my passion and with the help of God, I have been able to keep pushing further

Which of the handwork is your favourite?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Hmm… Do I have favourite? Seriously all my handworks are my favourite because I don’t take one work as being superior to or more important than the others. But if you insist, that would be bead making.

But which one has brought in more income?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Cake making and skin care

You started your business while in school (2013). How was like it combining business and education together?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – To be honest, it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t allow my business to affect my education. I set my priorities right. Also, I didn’t start all the handworks at once, I started with bead making first, then I learnt cake making, decoration, skin care, ankara bag and shoe afterwards while I was still in school and after school, I learnt make-up and other things.

So you are into a lot of handworks; catering, beads, makeup, wigs, event planning…And many more. Are you not a jack of all trades but master of none?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – No. I am a Professional in all. I am certified in all I do

So you consider yourself to be an expert in all your handworks?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Yes and I’m proud of it

Highest point of your business career

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – That would be when I started getting orders from people outside of my state. This gave me more confidence in my work as I was getting more customers outside my region and it’s still happening till now. In fact, every day in my business is a memorable one.

On the other hand, what would you consider as your low moment?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Every business has their ups and downs, but what matters most is the effort put together so as to ensure that the business is running at all cost…

You just finished your NYSC. How would you describe this one year journey?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – The experience was cool and wonderful. I served in the Northern part of the country, Kebbi State to be precise. It wasn’t easy adapting to the environment at first; meeting different people that speak a different language from mine, but as months kept counting, I began to learn and understand their way of life. In all, it is an experience I will never forget in my lifetime

Your take on whether the government should continue or cancel the scheme

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – The scheme is okay and all I will say is that the government should increase the allowance.

Still talking about the government, what are your thoughts about the Buhari administration so far?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Looking at the situation of things, he is trying and the sun in the sky is still more than enough to put many things in order. Only God can do it not Buhari…

The President recently said the youths just sit down and want free things, what can you say about this?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – I would like to use this opportunity to say that Nigeria youths are not lazy as said by the President. We are brilliant, strong, courageous, industrious, bright and vibrant and whether our leaders like it or not, we are coming over to rule the affairs of this great nation very soon. We should not allow that statement to bring depression on us, rather, as a stepping stone to come together as youths to work hand-in-hand to decide our fate. You know when an end is coming to a particular generation; many things are bound to happen. In the light of this, we are the hope of this nation. Our intelligence is highly needed in the political affairs of this nation. Instead of grumbling over what was said, why can’t we sit down and think about our future? Our future is not in the hands of our leaders, it is in our hands. I am a youth of this nation and I will never allow anybody to decide my fate other than God. Let us support each other by getting ourselves involved in the governance of this nation. The change will only come through the youths because we are the strength and the glory of this nation. We have all what it takes to govern this nation.

Back to your business, what makes you stand out from your competitors?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Well, I am just myself, what actually makes me stand out is not mere work of my hand or my knowledge in this line of business. The last time I checked, I realised its God behind me.

What has God been using in you to make you stand out?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Hmmm! All I notice about me and my business is that I am transparent, diligent and sincere. I didn’t know this until when some customers began to recommend me for works within and outside my State. I have clients from different parts of the country that request for my service and even outside Nigeria. In fact, many of them pay upfront for the service of which I have never for once disappointed them. I conduct online training where many people from all over the world have access to at their own comfort and it has been really interesting. Many of these clients pay into my account without even seeing each other face to face and I render the service(s) required for.  All these gave me the goodwill that makes people to request for my service. And as I said earlier, it is God all the way

About your online training, how has this been? How have you been able to successfully conduct this training? How many trainings have you had

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – My online training started when I was in school and I opened a Facebook account so as to reach out to people which is also a medium for advert. I have the online training via WhatsApp platform and it’s been 4 years since I started this training. I have empowered thousands of people via this online training with a lot of testimonies from my students. My online training covers MAKEUP, SKIN CARE, WIG, CAKE, SNACKS, ANKARA BAG AND SHOE, EVENT DECORATION, BEAD MAKING, LIQUID SOAP AND MANY MORE. I have been able to conduct trainings successfully through commitment, because is not easy at all but because I desire to empower as many people as I can in order to reduce the level of unemployment in the nation and also to make them self-employed.

So are you saying you’ve trained more than 1,000 people?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Yes! As a matter of fact, more than 2,000

For those interested in learning one craft or the other from you, how can they contact you and how much do you charge?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – They can contact me on this number 07060936861 or WhatsApp number: 09027681958. The charge is based on the type of training and the handwork to be learnt. My Facebook page is Ayanfe-ola business world and my Instagram page is @Ayanfeolabusinessworld. Training is both offline and online. I’m based in Ogbomosho, Oyo state but I’m mobile.

Your plan and vision for your business for the next 5 years?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – My plan is to have training institutions across the 36 states of this country because I want to touch as many lives as I can by God’s help and Grace and my vision is to have over 1million trainees in the next five years. I can see God helping me

…And how do you plan to achieve this?

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Organizing trainings on different skills across the states, while I partner with various other people in order to conduct the trainings. Having government support would be great as this would make the training to be conducted at a subsidized amount.

Social Life…

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Despite my busy schedule, I still have time to rest in order not to break down. I take time off on Sundays only. My hobbies include; reading, cooking, singing, dancing, praying, learning new skills, chatting, listening to music…


Ayanfe-Ola Business World – I’m engaged

Final words from you

Ayanfe-Ola Business World – Special appreciation to my Parents, thanks for the prayers, to my siblings, thanks for the support, to my man, thank you dear for always standing by me not forgetting my students and my customers for trusting in me, I love you all and I promise never to disappoint you. To all those who have taken their time to read this interview, thank you all and feel free to contact me for your works, training or any other related activities. AYANFE-OLA BUSINESS WORLD.


Thank you all for reading. Such in case you would want to be interviewed or have anyone that needs to be interviewed to showcase your works, do feel free to contact.

Interview conducted and compiled by Oladapo Siyanbola

Twitter & IG @dapo_dmart


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