Preparing For Your Dream JOB Immediately After NYSC

NYSC is a period where the things you do and the actions you take determine if you will stay at home for long or get a job immediately after passing out.

I understand that base on the rule imposed by Federal Government, most corps members, even professional graduates find themselves teaching in Schools.Yes, you can’t do anything about your being posted to teach in a school but you can turn this seemingly disadvantage to an avenue to gain more skills while Serving.

As a Career Consultant and HR personnel, I have come across lots of CVs and Cover Letter (I will talk about drafting a selling CV and Cover letter later), few are well written and drafted but most are below expectation.

NYSC should be the period where you dedicate time to acquire relevant skills in your subject area or area of interest.

There are lots of Trainings that Corps members can engage themselves.

For those in the IT field, Software programmers (especially Java developers) are in High demand, if you don’t have flare for programming and you are in this field, other selling options are Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Officers, Telecom/Network Engineers(N+,CCNA,CNPP etc),IT support Personel(knowledgeable in MCSA,MCSE, Network maintenance and Administration).

For those with interest in HR role, now is the time to apply for CIPM,start the training and write the Exam.

For the Accountants in the House,by now you should be thinking of completing your ICAN or ACCA.

For those in Construction/Building Related field (Civil Engineers, Estate Managers, Estate Surveyors, Building Technologist etc),this is the time to attach yourself with construction companies(no matter how small the company is),you can be visiting sites on Saturdays and maybe Weekday evenings if you don’t have the time.

Electrical Engineers in the House, please do not look down on working with and gaining experience with the seemingly not educated Electricians in your Locality.

For Mechanical Engineers, I know your course is far higher than what Mechanics do, but trust me you can get an experience from those seemingly uneducated Mechanics in your locality.

For those with flare for Technology and Computer Engineers, beside the programming courses I spoke about,you can start learning Laptop repair, trust me there is money in that business and you are also acquiring a skill that will help you when you start working as an IT Support personnel.

My advice is that you should get relevant skill/experience in your area of Interest, network with people in your field.

I remember while serving in Abuja,there was an opportunity presented to Corps Members to be trained In Database,PHP,Javascript etc,most of us didn’t utilize that opportunity as it were, a year later I paid a huge amount to undergo those trainings.

The truth is this,there are lots of jobs in Nigeria but most companies want people with little experience(KPMG,Accenture and the likes don’t really require experience per say from fresh graduates).

In summary,one of the steps you should take now is to acquire a skill that will distinguish you from other graduates.

Keep a date with me next week and feel free to ask your question or make your comment.Cheers

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