Onah Masters Degree in Nigeria

How “THE STREETS” paid for a Masters Degree. — Dough Onah.

I started my dive into the retail of MTN DATA and AIRTIME serving as an assistant to my NYSC roommate, Tobi, my job was to rill in customers with my very excellent sales experience and pitch.

This was Nigeria in 2014, where it was near impossible to get a NIGERIAN FELLOW to pay to a private individual online in hopes that the other individual, (another Nigerian) keeps to his end of the deal to send DATA & bulk airtime to the buyer who always pays upfront.

It was an uphill task – a task I executed with so much Wit.

My first line of action was to tell the world about our very awesome service of providing MORE DATA & AIRTIME for less MONEY, thus we (Akindunjoye Oluwatobiloba Mayowa and I) paced an advert on www.naijaloaded.com, this was approved as soon as the CEO, Makinde made his first purchase after several back and forth about its authenticity. As soon as that was out of the way, our ad went live in November of 2014, and in the first 24 hours, we had had over 400 interests, a little over 60 were converted into paid clients, in this time, I was Corp member, ‘doing my time’ in an ICT company, INFO STRATEGY TECHNOLOGY, Garki 2 Abuja, and may I just say that it was a hassle doing an 8am to 6pm job and an almost 24 ⏳ hours online marketing and sales gig on the side.

At the end of day one, Tobi went through our sales sheets (WhatsApp and sms 😂 ) to get the exact number of sales while I was out with my what’s app conversations studying the pattern from paid clients, the runaways, the interested that feared loose of money, the ever doubtful…and oh, the crusaders – these folks just called to give us the piece of their mind on why THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES sold a gig for 1500 at the time and we were able to sell for 1000 😂, a simple google search would had sufficed.

Nigerians can be self-righteous Sha.

Well, I had a job a to do and I was committed to getting it done, I was gonna develop a sales pitch template of the anticipated questions and have already typed responses on Evernote, ready to deliver before prospects even finish typing. 😉

⏩ x 4

Sales at the end of day 1

Revenue stood at 56,400 naira with a profit of 9,400 naira, and a net profit of 7600 considering feeding, logistics, time and data used.

Day 2 of the advert.

The number of interest dropped at 11am as compared to the 11am of day 1.

– My response, I contacted all those who had bought the previous day to PLEASE go back to the advert page and leave us a review 🙏, I thought that was a noble request to ask and after saving them money per gb, they would be obligated to do this for a fellow citizen, 😂, I was a Joker, of the 58 clients contacted only 3 left a review, one of the 3 even complained of DELAYED RESPONSE, how dare he!!! 😊

Well, it was a learning moment, I made a screenshot of our 2 and a half review and made it a DISPLAY Picture as well as send ad responses to folks who asked if we’ve had been doing this. At least we found a way to make it work.

Sales picked up again, at the end of day two, our revenue was at 72,000 naira with a profit of 12,000 naira, and net profit of 9,000 considering feeding, logistics, time and data used as always.

Day 3 and 4 were an upward scale,

I could barely focus on serving the NYSC at this time, but I was sure serving the FATHERLAND by serving the people, the masses. who we were serving so much and who were serving us in return as soon as we figured out how to apply ourselves.

Valuable life lesson: If the government won’t take care of us, we’ve got to look out for each other.

By Friday, I was already an excellent amateur sales expert, this in itself was its own REWARD. 💃

Let me expressly state here that Sales is part of every human, we sell everyday, we sell when we recommend a movie to friends, we sell a lifestyle when we post pictures of our fun times, outings, and an achievement.

Today I got new shoes from BATAZ WORLD and I’ve recommended it to my network of friends and my very esteem colleagues and they have gone on to make purchases.

You just have to recognize that and apply it with a little more FOCUS.



Our advert ran for 1 week and it cost us 30,000 naira at the time which in turn gave us a total sale of 307200 naira in revenue, 51,200 naira in profit, and 37,200 in net profit of 256 purchases of 4000 impressions and near 2000 actual contacts.


This wasn’t oil or the money doubling thing, this was a business ship we were hoping to sail for a long long time and hey this is 4 years later.

Now, repeat this economics for a few months.


Asides our direct sales from our 1-week long advert, we now had a client base of 300 returning clients, plus a database of 4000 Middle-class Nigerians looking to get MORE data for less MONEY, a database we have utilized till date.

Even as it didn’t look like an instant profit, we had set a motion for a course for a 1year return on investment.

In a capitalism, all you need is a 10% of a particular sector to patronize you and you would be OK.

You would not all go on to become Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Dangote, thus, it’s ok to find your niche and explore your options and work towards your big break.

5 months into my service year, and I had saved up exactly 168,277 to initiate my goal to pursue a Professional Masters degree in advance security management/studies.

My academic savings came from a combination of my NYSC stipends otherwise known as the very famous ALLAWEE which was 19,800 at the time and my DATA sales profit, and at the time I lived on my very generous monthly salary from my employer Mr. Tomi Araromi, MD Info strategy technology, Abuja with great support my #supportsystem.

(it’s a different cool story how God sets these in play)

⏩ x10

As soon as an admission window came open,

I consulted with my academic advisor Engr Joseph Ukpata who helped in my decision making and with my now academic savings I was able to apply to a desired course in the University of Ibadan post-graduate school, bought the forms, traveled to the University of Ibadan for the entrance examination and was back to my Primary place of assignment( PPA) all within 65 hours.

NOTE: A mentor / Advisor isn’t one who you ask for money, get a support system for that.

My patron who inspired this thought was notified few hours to my CONVOCATION.

It’s a mistake to chase your mentors away by asking them for financial bailout. They would usually come through when the time is right.


With my set goals, I was on the lookout for a suitable professional course in security to go for.

By the time results were out, I was prepared for the ACCEPTANCE FEE tag which I paid from the same growing savings as MY DATA AND AIRTIME venture was getting better.

Here on, I received an admission letter into THE FORENSIC SCIENCE PROFESSIONAL MASTERS PROGRAM

It was a rebirth.

I again traveled to the University of Ibadan to get my clearance out of the way and returned to base to gear up the rest of the fees.

It was at this point that I called my #supportsystem to share my crossroad status.

Life lesson: It’s easier to support a man in motion than you would a seating/sleeping man.

You cannot rescue a man who wouldn’t participate in his own rescue.


In 2008 when I was gonna get myself a cell phone, I had to work with a mentor, Ogar Owoche for 4 whole months to save 7k, talked to my dad and shared my desire to buy a better phone and he was immediately in a bid to encourage my TAKING THE 1ST STEP.

*It’s the singular reason why a start-up in existence would be founded more easily than an IDEA STARTUP.

I called my support system after I’d taken care of the hassle of POSSIBILITIES, only then were they be comfortable to set sail with me.

My academic session kicked off in the first quarter of 2015 as I served the rest of my time in IST and looked forward to a second shot at the acclaimed FOUR 4⃣ WALLS.

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Herein, I’m gonna briefly focus on the ECONOMICS OF MY LIVING as it is the center of the entire piece.

The economics of living: –

I lived on a maximum of 2000 and less daily budget.

(details in the print version)

This meant, the daily profits were expressly spent in the day and the left overs didn’t go to the bank, there went to my piggy bank for the rainy days.

Once your daily expenses are taken care of, anyone can go on to do great things.

‘Once you have ACCOMMODATION, FOOD & INTERNET ☑, man can go onto conceive thoughts to make the world a better place, this is the singular reason the 1st world countries are what they are doing and we are where we are, because here, even in 2017, the writer and the readers aren’t guaranteed the trio of HOUSING, FOOD AND INTERNET SERVICE.

At the mid of 2016, I introduced a laundry service to offer pick up and deliver value added services to the squad of Tobi, Kratos, Ileri, Ahmed, and we agreeed to diversify and fly it, this we sailed for hardly 5 weeks, we were overwhelmed by the market response, we had set our prices too low and now couldn’t keep up with the orders, profit margin was a JOKE, we were young, restless and reckless, we quickly abandoned that ship 🚢 and went with the familiar, little did we know that the DATA BUSINESS gonna take a hit, there were gonna reduce the prices of data, there were gonna milk us of this very promising industry

– My thoughts 💭 ran wild

– My plan was to set up a SUSTAINANCE structure to see my team and I through our respective training.

– My prayers were indeed without ceasing.

In the midst of the uncertainty and uproar in our circle, we quickly went into the offline option – the rebirth of LAUNDRO-MAN, 😂 I know, don’t judge. 😉

This venture we pushed, and at some point, left it to Ileri and Ahmed who were more inclined to making it blow, the former soon jumped, leaving the controls to the latter who did a remarkable job putting his very enterprising skills into stabilizing the 🚢.


Ps: At the end of my 1st degree, there was an invite to come pursue an Academic masters degree in Palynology, but I wasn’t much of an academician, I know this, it is really important to know yourself self and FORM your own IDEAS, RULES, and OPINIONS, else THE HUMANS AROUND YOU WOULD HAPPILY SHOVE THEIRS DOWN YOUR THROAT, thus my search for a desired course.

Yada Yada Yada – I found a course in the University of Ibadan prospectus, FORENSIC SCIENCE – a Professional Masters and I remembered how I’ve always wanted to be an AGENT 😂 – Kikiki and on my FECA executive interview in my 1st year in the university, I was asked what I hoped to become in the future and I responded that I wanted to be an intelligence officer 👮 for the FBI and I knew there’s was no such thing as the FBI in Nigeria.

Well 😉 — Exercise Belief in total FAITH AND HOPE.

As soon as you set your heart and eyes to focus on the things that you want, it will be easier to spot them when you see them.


Detailed story in print


Masters Degree In Nigeria

If you’re looking to go into the very LUCRATIVE WORLD of DATA and other internet services, I’m totally available to guide you through.

Might just say here that Akindunjoye Oluwatobiloba Mayowa is the most insightful young man I’ve ever met.

Since our REBIRTH MEETING in 2014, we’ve constantly exchanged correspondences on a daily basis, creative for most of the part and other times, the boy is just a yeye somebody 😂.

Dough Onah MSc FORENSICS (Security, Crime and Investigation)

Onah Dough Masters in Nigeria

Source: https://medium.com/@onahdough/how-the-streets-paid-for-a-masters-degree-dough-onah-d3f41941c4c1

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