Unnecessary Queues

Unnecessary Queues – A National Problem

Someone once told me that the Nigerian System thrives in CHAOS. He went ahead to say that the government encourages it to form “Activity”.

The queues are becoming unnecessary with advancement in technology. One example of an unnecessary queue is the Lekki toll gate queue. The government or whoever in charge can come up with a better system of ticketing and collection.

One major cause of these queues is POOR Service delivery. Great customer service is not in our constitutions as Nigerians.
Walk into a public institution and get a taste of what I’m talking about. They are generally understaffed, unskilled and have earned a great record of poor service.

I want to use this opportunity to ask a question.
Do the Nigerian police have a closing time??
I don’t see them at major traffic points on the roads at night and very early in the morning. Drivers seize this opportunity to disobey traffic laws, hereby causing long queues on the road.

For Business owners, you should know that long queues tend to annoy customers. In fact, Barclays found 68% of people, in a survey of 2,000, had abandoned a queue at one time or another.
That’s more than half of your potential customers and that could mean a heavy loss for your business.

* We queue to collect our own monies at the ATM cos the banks refuse to service the remaining atms.
* We queue at the bank to make deposits.
* We queue at customer service centers because there is only one attendant to service a crowd.
* We queue to collect things we pay for.
* We queue to collect our Pensions.
C’mon, all these are unnecessary.

Like the Biblical Parable, The Harvest is plenty but the Laborers are few. According to The United Nations, The Nigerian population is projected to reach 278 million people thereby becoming the 3rd most populous country overtaking the United States of America.
You can imagine having a massive population like that in queues.
If we don’t sort out our processes and systems, we might have a disaster on our hand.

In designing queueing systems we need to aim for a balance between service to customers and economic considerations. (Queueing Theory)

If we don’t address this Queueing issue, we’ll continue to struggle economically as a nation because TIME is “MONEY” and Time spent, cannot be recovered.

QUEUING doesn’t just waste your Time, It WASTES YOUR LIFE.


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