Win 50,000 in Ehen Content Challenge

We’re giving 50,000 naira or $137 to the best content posted on

How to win:

1. Create “something funny about your childhood, or your most awkward life moments or your relationship experiences.”

2. Create a free profile and post your content on : Upload your content as a video, as a text story, as audio, meme, or all combined about the above topic. Whatever you upload must be original and not copied from another source, staff of Ehen will verify all content.

3. When creating your post, select #EhenCampaign as one of your categories along with others

4. The Post with the “most love emojis” wins: Share your post and get your friends to love your post.


Terms and Conditions

– Once your content is uploaded, it gets posted on after verification by our staff to make sure it doesn’t break our website’s terms and privacy conditions

– Once posted, your content also gets posted automatically to our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)

– If user desires, their uploaded content can be deleted at any time of request. As according to our platform’s terms and conditions, all posts and uploads remain the properties of the user, our platform is only a medium.

–  The Challenge ends on 1st of April 2019 and the winner will be announced on the 4th of April 2019


Ehen is a connotative word not present in a dictionary but understood as one which conveys several contexts. It could be used as a question, sign of relief, an aha moment, an inquiry, etc. It’s a creative way to say so many things with just one word.?

For us at Ehen, it represents a eureka moment, that spark of insight in the creative process, that expression of delight when you’ve made a great discovery.

Ehen was created for all, regardless of race, colour and creed to express their connotations within the realms of their content. Ehen is where you can be and remain unapologetically creative, and share your innovations with others.

So today, know this: that there’s a ready-made platform for your content to be able to reach its audience.


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